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ZEST! is a 12-week, online programme, starting 23rd January 2020 (it’s not a Friday!).

You will receive course materials weekly and this will include interactive activities, worksheets, recipes, journal entries to complete (these are, of course, private) and homework.

NOTE: Pre-Course preparation materials will be available from 13th January and will include introductory reading, listening and watching materials and recipes, as well as some nutrition and psychology background, to prepare you for the Course launch in January!

You will get support, accountability, motivation, ideas, tips, evidence-based research and more in a private, online community. We will keep each other on track!

ZEST! Intake 2 23rd Jan 20202

  • You WON’T find shakes, supplements, teas, meal replacement bars or ready meals here! You WILL find nourishing soups, Buddha Bowls, salads, sheet-pan dinners and more.

    The ZEST! way of eating is based on low glycaemic load foods (you’ll learn all about this) which allow you to feel fuller for longer and help to balance your blood sugar levels, which, in turn, increases your overall energy and vitality.

    It is based on REAL FOOD - whole foods, unrefined and unprocessed as possible (vegetarian and vegan options included)

    It provides the support, structure and direction to change lifetime habits.

    It also addresses physical activity, stress and sleep – these all play a huge part in how we feel, what food choices we make and whether we lose weight or not.

    You can expect nutritional and health guidance as well as motivational coaching and support.