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What we do

The kitchen is at the heart of the home & it is at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about sharing skills & knowledge. We believe that everyone can develop kitchen confidence & be inspired to cook & share great tasting, healthy food.

Cookery School

We have successfully delivered programmes & workshops across many & varied community-based projects & groups. We believe passionately that preparing delicious, healthy food & eating it with others can have a profound impact on health, mood, and our sense of community


In an ever-confusing world of mixed messages, we need to know how to make better food choices. We have a wide range of classes, workshops, & activities suitable for both primary & post-primary. We believe that this kind of education is absolutely vital for the health & wellness of our families & communities.

2019 will see the roll-out of accredited qualifications. These will be aimed at those in post-primary education, those wanting to re-train/upskill. 


Already working with local companies, we can undertake recipe development & food photography of your products. Additionally, we can work with you to showcase & highlight your products by developing nutritious & delicious recipes & culinary uses.

Recipe Development

About Kim

Kim Close

Kim has been self-employed since 2015. She is a freelance cookery tutor, home economics teacher chef, nutritionist, recipe development consultant, food writer, demonstrator and food event organiser.


She holds a range of qualifications in Psychology (BSc Hons), Counselling, Teaching (PGCFHE), Technology in Learning and & Professional Cookery.  She studied Dietary Counselling with the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin and holds a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from The Health Sciences Academy.  She has more than 10 years experience in Further Education Lecturing, which includes course co-ordination, internal verification, assignment verification and all other course administration.


Kim understands and is very passionate about the fundamentally important connection between health, food & community, and in educating others.


She is now full-time, self-employed running food events, courses, workshops, demonstrations and especially enjoys having the opportunity to teach young people hands-on cookery skills and nutrition information. Community work is at the core of these workshops and Kim has delivered courses for the Cedar Foundation, Active Communities, The Education Authority, Colin Neighbourhood Partnership, Urban Villages and The Strategic Partnership Board.


Kim is currently completing a Diploma in Culinary Medicine - the first of its kind in the UK - this integrates the very latest in nutritional science with practical culinary skills and this approach will lead the way we approach health, wellness, nutrition and cookery in years to come.